Apr 07

Gorilla Boogers, a healthy alternative to snacking.

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All kids love a booger! Launching May 2011 Gorilla Boogers is created for young children and adults following a healthy lifestyle who have a conscience and a sense of humour!

Gorilla Boogers will continue to develop its brand extension and is to launch Gorilla Boogers cereal bars, chocolate coated Gorilla Boogers, Gorilla Boogers oats and boogers cookies and Gorilla Booger breakfast cereals with each product promoting the work of The Gorilla Organization via a fun brand that appeals to children and adults alike.

Gorilla Boogers is a firm supporter and funder to the charity The Gorilla Organization which is an international charity led by experienced African conservationists dedicated to saving the world’s last remaining gorillas from extinction.

Gorilla Boogers is to heavily utilise social media as its main portal and in addition an app game ‘pick, roll, flick, goal’ specifically aimed at both children and adults is in creation with all proceeds being donated to The Gorilla Organization.

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