Nov 08

Jelly Belly Jellybean Guerrilla Marketing Donates Thousands Jelly Beans for Music Video

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Jelly Belly Jellybean Guerrilla Marketing Donates 288,000 Jelly Beans for Kina Grannis Music Video

Consumer-Packaged Goods brands take note – you can learn a thing or two from America’s favorite Jelly Bean, Jelly Belly, and their latest guerrilla marketing music video efforts. The JellyBelly brand donated 288,000 jelly beans to create an animated music video featuring stop motion for Kina Grannis’ latest song – “In Your Arms”. The video which utilizes 2,460 still frames has already seen 1.5 million views in just a few days.

However don’t be fooled, as many guerrilla marketers and video production coordinators know, this is no easy task. After talking JellyBelly into donating the jellybeans, the video project took 22 months to complete. It also took a team of 30 people a whopping 1,357 hours to complete.

A behind the scenes process can be seen below. What do you think – have you seen a better use of Jelly Beans?

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