Q: Do you travel to my area?

A: Our Gorillas travel near and far throughout Southern California, including all of Los Angeles and Orange County and are available for special arrangements to travel further. When booking please let us know your city and zip code and were happy to accommodate.

Q: Am I expected to tip my Gorilla?

A: While our Gorilla’s may appreciate an extra banana or two, gratuity is not requested. When booking with In a Gorilla Costume price is all inclusive.

Q: How far in advance should I book?

A: Weekends fill up quickly for us, so the sooner, the better! We recommend about a month’s notice, but we are often able to fill last-minute requests as well.

Q: What do you need me to provide?

A: We can perform in any location, big or small, indoor or outdoor. When booking we’ll discuss the type of service our Gorillas will provide and work together to make sure everything is covered.

Q: What if I have to cancel?

A: We request 48 hours notice for all cancelations.

Q: Do You Have to Wear the Gorilla Costume?

A: Of course not. They’re hot and stuffy and most guerrilla marketers prefer not to wear them depending on the guerrilla marketing job. However for attention seeking campaigns they work out great.

Questions not answered here?

Please feel free to call or contact us!

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